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Our Firm

Mariaca Wealth Management, LLC. is an independent, SEC-registered investment advisor based in Lake Worth, Florida. We provide comprehensive wealth management and utilize a passive, low-cost investment philosophy tuned to your unique goals and objectives. Mariaca Wealth Management, LLC. serves individuals and families, as well as retirement plans and endowments.

As a commitment to our standards of transparency and accountability, our firm has achieved the Investment Advisor Certification from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). As a CEFEX-certified fiduciary advisor, we focus our efforts on serving our clients in a fully transparent and conflict-free  capacity. 

CEFEX is an independent certification organization that works closely with industry experts to develop programs that improve the trustworthiness of investment advisors. CEFEX-certified firms comply with the best industry practices, and CEFEX certification demonstrates the integrity, trust and the high ethical standards at the heart of our business.

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